Try now the first version of the web application that helps you to assemble your models easily.

More than 40 models available now !

Now in beta test on Android devices.
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The Android application is coming very soon. You can register to test the beta version of FoveaViewer®.

Navigation in application

Left click

Select part

Right click (pressed)

Turn camera

Shift + mouse wheel

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What is Fovea viewer?

Fovea is an online viewer that helps you to assemble your models by offering a simple and easy to use interface. It offers a step-by-step guide to help you find your way around during assembly.

User guide

Better understand the application and its interface

Parts list

Displays all parts in order and selects by number.

Keyboard shortcut – P

List of models

Open the available model collection.

Keyboard shortcut – C

Mirror mode

Reverse display. The numbers are outside the model.

Keyboard shortcut – M


Show – Hide model information.

Keyboard shortcut – I

The step-by-step guide for papercraft

Look at the models in 3 dimensions, rotate around the object and zoom in with your mouse. Click on the model to highlighteach piece individually or find the location on the model from the “Parts List” tab.

Start the step-by-step guide for assembly in ascending order. Go to the next part using the buttons or arrows on the keyboard. Go back at any time backwards. You are free to choose choose by or start the assembly.

Choose your model

Preview models in the application.

Beta part 2.0 offers you more than 40 files designed by Nonitt Paper Sculptures.

Choose among several difficulty levels and download the files in one click.

Displaying information directly in the application such as size, format and number of pages.

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    Shop is online.

    You can now buy the Premium models on our shop online.

    1. Preview the model on Fovea
    2. Go to the product sheet
    3. Buy the template and download it from your account
    4. Assemble your sculpture using the application

    All models Free or Premium come with an instruction guide concerning the appropriate material and some instructions for designing your sculpture.

    Sur PC et Mac, Fovea Viewer ne fonctionne qu’avec les navigateur compatibles WebGL. Pour savoir si votre navigateur est compatible, rendez-vous sur :

    Beta part 2.0

    Small new features that make you happy

    This version brings its share of improvements and fixes several bugs reported by the community:

    • Application available on Android device via Google Play Store (beta version)
      • Portrait or landscape mode display
      • Touch navigation
      • Performance optimization for mobile devices
    • Improvement of performance
    • Better management of shadows and lights
    • Enlarged graphical interface
    • Button description
    • Resolution of minor problems

    We continue to collect your opinions in order to optimize the following versions

    Your opinion matters! We are waiting for your feedback and opinions about Fovea viewer online.

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